Improved Navigation, Enhanced User Experience, Safety & Security, Time & Efficiency, Accessibility

Better guidance with enterprise Wayfinding.

Digital Wayfinding Wayble

AI-Powered Digital Navigation

Experience seamless navigation and enhanced convenience with our cutting-edge digital wayfinding solutions, guiding you effortlessly through any complex environment.

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Hardware-free Digital Wayfinding

No beacon needed.

Increase sales by helping customers


Increase sales by helping customers find products & promotions more easily

Provide clear directions & information

Reduce visitor stress levels by providing clear directions & information

Enhance security for Reduce crowd management  - Animated Icon - Wayble

Users save an average of 12.5 minutes per journey with digital wayfinding


Effortless Navigation

Digital wayfinding simplifies complex environments, guiding users seamlessly to their destinations, reducing frustration and enhancing the overall experience.

Time Efficiency

Save valuable time with precise directions, helping users reach their destinations quickly, which is especially critical in large venues like airports and hospitals.

Enhanced User Experience

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing clear and user-friendly navigation, making a positive impression on visitors.

Cost Savings

Reduce the need for staff assistance and inquiries, potentially cutting operational costs while maintaining a high level of service.

Data Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences through analytics, allowing for continuous optimization of space and resources.

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Ensure that all users, including those with disabilities, can access and navigate facilities easily, promoting inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.

Quotes & Pricing

  • Client discovery to understand business organization goals and objective
  • Present Solution aligned with defined business objectives
  • Provide Scope and Proposal based on client specifications
    • Number of Buildings, Number floors, Approximate square footage
    • Define 3rd party data and platform integrations (if required)

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Project Resources

  • Gather brand guidelines
  • Gather required data, maps, and assets
  • Establish project timeline and milestones

Digitization of Maps

  • Generate digital maps of properties
  • Review & verify with client
  • Update map labels and preferred routes

Property Configuration & Testing

  • Path & route configuration
  • Onsite configuration
  • Location testing

Training & Deployment

  • Client product training session
  • Client testing and optimizations
  • Product launch

Updates & Support

  • 24/7 online product support
  • Scheduled product updates
  • Customer success support

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