Scheduling & Queue Management
Improved Efficiency, Enhanced Experience, Reduced Wait Times, Appointment Reminders

Better guidance with enterprise Scheduling & Queue Management.

Wayble Scheduling and Queue Management

Transform Scheduling with AI

Optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction with our advanced Scheduling & Queue Management system, reducing wait times and improving resource allocation for greater efficiency and service excellence.

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AI-Driven Scheduling & Queue Management Solution

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Customer wait times reduced leading to improved customer satisfaction

Increase in operational efficiency

Increase in operational efficiency due to optimized resource allocation

Revenue increase due to improved customer experience

Revenue increase due to improved customer experience & more efficient service delivery


Increased Efficiency-1

Improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times, ensuring prompt service, and optimizing resource allocation, leading to a positive experience.

Increased Efficiency-2

Streamline operations, boost staff productivity, and reduce operational costs by efficiently managing queues and appointments.

Reduce No Shows

Decrease no-show rates by sending automated reminders, ensuring better resource utilization and revenue retention.

Data Driven Insights

Utilize data analytics to make informed decisions, adapt to trends, and continuously enhance service quality.

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards while providing accessible services to all customers, including those with disabilities.

Quotes & Pricing

  • Client discovery to understand business organization goals and objective
  • Present Solution aligned with defined business objectives
  • Provide Scope and Proposal based on client specifications
    • Number of Buildings, Number floors, Approximate square footage
    • Define 3rd party data and platform integrations (if required)

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Project Resources

  • Gather brand guidelines
  • Gather required data, maps, and assets
  • Establish project timeline and milestones

Project Configuration

  • Implement data integrations
  • Configure client interface
  • Support client mobile/web integrations
  • Setup client Pulse and Reports

Training & Deployment

  • Client product training session
  • Client testing and optimizations
  • Product launch

Updates & Support

  • 24/7 online product support
  • Scheduled product updates
  • Customer success support

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