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Better guidance with enterprise AI chat.

Guest Services & Digital Concierge

Supercharged Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

Wayble's AI chat guest concierge solution empowers businesses to overcome the challenges of information accessibility and language barriers, resulting in enhanced efficiency and heightened satisfaction for both guests and staff.

Streamlined Process



Personalized. Friendly. Enterprise Knowledge.

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Customers prefer AI customer service over traditional methods

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Revenue increase by integrating AI guest services & digital wayfinding

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Response times reduced for crowd management and enhanced security


24_7 Availability-1

AI chat guest concierge can provide immediate responses to customer inquiries, eliminating wait times and improving overall efficiency.

With an AI chat guest concierge, organizations can offer round-the-clock support, ensuring customers can access assistance whenever they need it, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


AI chat guest concierge can communicate in multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and catering to a diverse customer base, resulting in improved satisfaction and engagement.


AI chat guest concierge can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, allowing businesses to scale their customer support operations without compromising efficiency or quality of service.

Streamlined Process-1

AI chat guest concierge can automate repetitive tasks, such as booking reservations, providing directions, or answering frequently asked questions. By reducing manual work, organizations can allocate resources more effectively and focus on delivering high-value services.

Increased Efficiency-1

AI chat guest concierge can quickly retrieve information from databases, CRM systems, or external sources, eliminating the need for human operators to search for information. This efficiency leads to faster problem resolution and satisfied customers.

Continuous Learning-1

AI chat guest concierge can continuously learn from customer interactions, improving its knowledge base and enhancing its ability to provide accurate and relevant responses over time. This continuous learning process translates into improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Quotes & Pricing

  • Client discovery to understand business organization goals and objective
  • Present Solution aligned with defined business objectives
  • Provide Scope and Proposal based on client specifications
    • Number of Buildings, Number floors, Approximate square footage
    • Define 3rd party data and platform integrations (if required)

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Project Resources

  • Gather brand guidelines
  • Gather required data, maps, and assets
  • Establish project timeline and milestones



Project Configuration

  • Implement data integrations
  • Configure client interface
  • Support client mobile/web integrations
  • Setup client Pulse and Reports

Training & Deployment

  • Client product training session
  • Client testing and optimizations
  • Product launch

Updates & Support

  • 24/7 online product support
  • Scheduled product updates
  • Customer success support

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